A 7-Figure Settlement Secured in a Serious Workplace Industrial Accident

May 24, 2019
Cody Dishon Mark Sparks Industrial accident attorneys

Partners, Cody A. Dishon and Mark Sparks of the Ferguson Law Firm, are proud to announce a substantial recovery for an injured worker involved in a serious workplace accident.  The case was first rejected by another injury law firm and then handled by another lawyer before any involvement from Mr. Dishon and Mr. Sparks.   Mr.…

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Ailing Veteran Reunites With Childhood Friend in Fight Against Government Contractor

April 1, 2019

Video credit: KFDM NEWS originally posted this video at: https://kfdm.com/news/local/southeast-texas-veteran-suing-over-defective-combat-earplugs Bridge City Man Suffered Hearing Loss from Defective Earplugs; Former Neighbor Turned Lawyer Vows to Help BEAUMONT – David Martin and Cody Dishon grew up across the street from each other in Bridge City,  TX, inseparable kids who always had each others’ back. When they got…

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Chip Ferguson Recovers Confidential 7-Figure Settlement In Interstate 10 Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash

April 1, 2019
Chip Feguson Case Results

Managing partner Paul ‘Chip’ Ferguson has concluded a lawsuit for the adult children whose parents were killed in a collision with an 18-wheeler on Interstate 10. The settlement was, according to Ferguson, for a 7-figure amount but specifics are confidential. In 2017, a tractor-trailer pulling heaving equipment jumped the concrete barrier dividing east- and west-bound…

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Leger Wins $2.94 Million Workplace Safety Verdict in Louisiana Wrongful Death Case

February 4, 2019
Jane Leger Case Results

When Jane Leger was asked to try a case in Louisiana, she faced long odds: (1) a conservative federal court venue, (2) a case that had been originally dismissed, and (3) an expert witness who blamed her own client. Those odds did not faze Ms. Leger: she simply went to work. On February 1, 2019,…

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Why Choose Ferguson Law As Your Personal Injury Attorney

Every case is important to The Ferguson Law Firm. Managing Partner Chip Ferguson tells us some of the reasons why.