Tim Ferguson of The Ferguson Law Firm received his Board Certification in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  This achievement places Ferguson among the upper echelon of personal injury trial attorneys as less than 1% of the lawyers in the State of Texas hold this board certification.  Ferguson, an attorney of just five years, attained this recognition in his first year of eligibility.

Ferguson said, “It is rewarding to receive an accomplishment based on objective credentials and success.  It requires one to reach certain performance requirements and obtain peer references attesting to your ability and character as an attorney and as a person.  Then, on top of that, there is a grueling exam.  Nowadays, some lawyers can simply purchase awards – not this one.  You earn it.  I feel very satisfied.”

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization provides these requirements and credentials: (1) Practice law fulltime for at least 5 years as an active member of the State Bar of Texas; (2) At least 3 years of Personal Injury Trial Law experience with a yearly minimum 25% substantial involvement with Personal Injury Trial Law matters; (3) Tried at least 10 Personal Injury Trial Law cases that met substantive requirements; (4) Qualified vetted references from judges and lawyers in the area; (5) Complete 60 hours of TBLS approved continuing legal education in Personal Injury Trial Law; (6) Meet all of the TBLS Standards for Attorney Certification; and (7) Pass a comprehensive 6-hour examination Personal Injury Trial Law.  Tim Ferguson has, for example, tried more than 15 personal injury trial and another 5 arbitration hearings.  He recently,added another seven-figure result to the firm’s remarkable streak of success.

Ferguson added, “While this is an individual accomplishment, it would not have happened without our law firm.  Honestly, this is a testament to our firm, not me.  They nurtured me, they mentored me, and gave me the opportunity to succeed.”  For The Ferguson Law Firm, Tim Ferguson is the fifth lawyer to attain board certification.

The Ferguson Law Firm continues its mission of obtaining the best result for each client every time.  The principal office of the firm remains at 3155 Executive Boulevard in Beaumont, Texas.