Leger Wins $2.94 Million Workplace Safety Verdict in Louisiana Wrongful Death Case

When Jane Leger was asked to try a case in Louisiana, she faced long odds: (1) a conservative federal court venue, (2) a case that had been originally dismissed, and (3) an expert witness who blamed her own client. Those odds did not faze Ms. Leger: she simply went to work. On February 1, 2019, her work resulted in a $2.94 million jury verdict for her clients, the surviving
family members of James May, a 58-year old valve repair technician. More significantly, 70% of the blame for the accident was levied against the primary defendant, Chevron Pipeline.

Chevron Pipeline’s top offer was $1,000,000, with their attorney advising the trial judge that, if the Mays’ family wanted more, they would have to come and get it. “So, we did,” said Ms. Leger. “We had a thoughtful jury and we were able to secure every finding we needed to prevail in this very difficult case. I am thankful that the Mays’ family finally received justice,” she

This is just another in a long line of workplace safety case that Ms. Leger has placed her stamp. Her $18,000,000 verdict in another workplace safety case still ranks as 2017’s highest verdict in that category.