A triumvirate of attorneys from The Ferguson Law Firm secured a $1,200,000.00 settlement for a local man injured in a collision with a commercial motor vehicle. Partner Cody A. Dishon and Attorney Javier Cabanillas along with managing partner, Paul “Chip” Ferguson, of the Ferguson Law Firm, secured the settlement.

The victim, a 44-year-old Beaumont resident, suffered internal injuries when an 18-wheeler turned into him, causing the crash. The man incurred $75,000.00 in medical expenses, primarily from his initial hospital stay. Although initially unable to work following the crash, he was able to return to his former employment, doing his same job at the same rate of pay.

The details, in terms of dates and names, are confidential, but the result is not. Mr. Dishon stated, “One of the satisfying things about this result is that we were able to cover all of our client’s medical bills, return him to work and provide him with compensation for all he has been through.”

Mr. Dishon continued, “This case was hotly contested from day one, both in terms of liability and damages. The other side threw the kitchen sink at us. They had a team of lawyers and experts on the case who blamed our client for the crash. They minimized his injuries. We fought back, conducting our own investigation, hiring our own experts, and discovering unsafe practices by the company. Our hard work on the case made Texas roads safer while also providing justice to our client.”

The case was a true team effort. “Javier Cabanillas, who recently joined the Ferguson Law Firm in the Fall of 2020, reviewed thousands of documents, and put the pieces of the puzzle together to prove the undercurrent of unsafe practices of the trucking company. Beyond that, my paralegal—Jessica Burkett—was invaluable given the massive paperwork involved in this case. And Chip’s guidance was of great help. His presence helped.”

The Ferguson Law Firm continues to be nationally recognized for record-breaking recoveries made on behalf of people involved in major trucking accidents. In 2020, Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Dishon obtained a $20,000,000.00 settlement in another 18-wheeler case. This year, Mr. Dishon added a record-breaking $4,000,000.00 settlement to his resume in a negligent security case.

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