Beaumont’s The Ferguson Law Firm LLP opened 2024 on a high note by resolving an 18-wheeler crash on behalf of a 39-year-old woman for $1,000,000. The woman, represented by Managing Partner, Paul ‘Chip’ Ferguson and firm attorney, Jai Cosey, suffered injuries to her shoulder, back, and head but required no surgical intervention. She works as an operator at a local refinery and missed three months of work.

The crash arose from a three-vehicle crash that occurred on Interstate 10 under rainy conditions. One of the vehicles was an 18-wheeler based out of Arkansas. “The driver of the 18-wheeler tried to blame the third driver but, fortunately, we were able to demonstrate that ‘finger-pointing’ simply was not true,” Ferguson said.

The $1,000,000 settlement represented an excellent recovery for the client, Ferguson said. “This outcome was a very, very good recovery for this very nice lady. She was very pleased and that is our number one priority – to make our clients happy.” Ms. Cosey added, “This was a wonderful experience as a young attorney, to work on a case with an outcome as good as this one.”

The Ferguson Law Firm continues to cement its position as the region’s leading personal injury law firm. Working from its Beaumont offices, the firm still believes its mission is to represent every client to the very best of its ability.