Beaumont’s Chip Ferguson, managing partner for The Ferguson Law Firm, has secured a $1,350,000 settlement for the victim of a motor vehicle crash with a commercial truck.  The plaintiff, a 41-year-old woman from Beaumont, suffered back and neck injuries when a company truck slammed into the back of her passenger vehicle as she sat stopped in traffic in Highway 69 in Beaumont, Texas.

The crash occurred in September 2021 and caused the woman to undergo chiropractic treatment, a neurosurgical evaluation and testing for a possible traumatic brain injury.  The dental hygienist did not undergo any type of surgical procedure and missed approximately six months of work.  Her medical bills totaled approximately $100,000.

“This very wonderful lady was injured and legitimately so,” Ferguson said.  “This was of no fault of her own and she had a very difficult time for a while with her pain and limitations.”  The case was resolved for $1.35 million shortly before its trial date earlier this year.  “Again, this case proves the point that, if you prepare for trial then the settlement will be more rewarding.  That is our goal and that was our outcome.  We are very pleased with the result and very pleased for our client.  It will allow her some freedom with her life choices.”

Ferguson also noted that this result continues the firm’s streak of outstanding results during the first half of 2023.  “We have done very well for our client this year.  That shows how deep and how wide our lawyers’ skill sets are.  It also shows the fabulous support staff that we have.  They are the best in the business.  Because of this, our results are better, and bigger, than what others can get for their clients.  And getting the best result every time for every client is our first and top priority.  We did that here.”

The firm remains at its principal location at 3155 Executive Boulevard in Beaumont, Texas.  It also continues its mission to represent the men and women of Southeast Texas whenever they are the victim of wrongdoing.