Beaumont’s Ferguson Law Firm obtained a $800,000 settlement for a 31-year old Beaumont man after he sustained low back injuries in a motor vehicle accident with a commercial motor vehicle.  The crash, which occurred in Beaumont, happened in late 2018 and was filed in Jefferson County district court.

Tim Ferguson, lead counsel for the plaintiff, noted, “This was a hard case involving disputed liability and challenges to our client’s injuries.  We conducted extensive investigations, using various experts to determine how and why this crash occurred.”  This included a former Department of Public Safety accident reconstruction expert.  The defendant, a nationally known delivery service, countered with their own experts to, as Ferguson put it, “muddy the waters.”

The plaintiff underwent medical evaluations, chiropractic care and pain management.  While surgical intervention was discussed, the gentleman did not undergo surgery.  His injuries did cause him to miss work.  His total medical bills were less than $80,000.  “The defendants wanted to minimize our client’s injuries and the effect they had on his life.  I just could not accept that.” Ferguson said.

The settlement is confidential as to certain details.  “As word of this result leaked out, I have had several inquiries about it from both lawyers and non-lawyers alike.  That speaks volumes for the result.”

The case settled after an exhaustive mediation process.  Ferguson added, “A few months before mediation, the defendants offered all of $30,000.  It was insulting.  So, we rolled up our sleeves and took depositions designed to attack their so-called defenses.  When that was over, and the mediation held, they agreed to pay us $800,000.  That result, I believe, demonstrates that we did our job very well for our client.”

“This marks an outstanding result under our facts.  Our mediator told us this settlement represents a ‘high-water mark’ under our facts.  That makes me proud for us and our client.  The case was difficult, but we are more than happy with this result.  More importantly, our client is happy with the outcome.”

The Ferguson Law Firm continues to solidify its reputation for obtaining the best results, one client at a time.  The firm, comprised on eleven attorneys, remains headquartered in Beaumont, Texas.