Ferguson Law’s Mark Sparks Assumes Presidency of Jefferson County Bar Association

Mark C. Sparks, a partner in Beaumont’s The Ferguson Law Firm, has assumed the presidency of the Jefferson County Bar Association (JCBA) following his election earlier this year.  The bar association, one of the most decorated in the entire State of Texas, is an association of local lawyers who are committed to providing services to the local bar, furthering professionalism among local attorneys and service to the public.  The Association specifically provides resources for the Jefferson County Pro Bono Office, a program that provides eligible citizen’s with free legal services.

Both honored and humbled, Mr. Sparks hopes to build on the Bar Association’s sterling reputation and success.  “Our JCBA has won so many awards, they stopped letting us compete in similarly-sized counties.  No kidding.  To be JCBA President is absolutely one of the highest honors I’ve ever had.  I have always loved our bar association and was humbled to be elected by my peers as its current President.  Our local lawyers are literally the finest in the state, who do an enormous amount of charity for neighbors in need.”

Mr. Sparks also gave credit to the entire membership, as well as the group’s Executive Director, Bonnie Dean, and Melissa Kirchmer.  “I wish I could take credit for the amazing accomplishments of our JCBA just because I’m the current President.  No way—it’s the amazingly giving lawyers in Jefferson, Orange, and Hardin counties who come together to give back so much to the community through our association.  They, along with our devoted administration through Bonnie and Melissa, make this bar the greatest in the State every year.”  Mr. Sparks is, of course, a large part of the association’s success, having been named its Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year.

The Bar Association’s success continues and, for the tenth year in a row, won the State’s Award of Merit.  “Our JCBA has literally run out of space to place all its awards.  Serving as President surrounded by all these accomplishments, with a backdrop of our local bar members’ photos, reminds me that, as President, I’m just a small part of an amazing group of people and volunteers who want to give their time and money to make things better.  That’s why our JCBA is literally the best in the State—because all of us coming together to make it work.”

Ferguson Law Firm managing partner Chip Ferguson added, “Our bar is magnificent and having Mark as its leader will only make it better.  He is committed, compassionate and tireless.  In other words, all the things that make him a great lawyer will make him an even greater President.  We could not be prouder.”  The law firm is well represented within the bar association – firm associate Tim Ferguson is a director for the Jefferson County Young Lawyers Association while Chip Ferguson remains a director for the Jefferson County Foundation.