Beaumont’s The Ferguson Law Firm has finalized a “$20,000,000.00 settlement paid by an insurer for a trucking company.”  The settlement, otherwise confidential, was obtained by law firm partners Paul ‘Chip’ Ferguson and Cody Dishon, along with Packard Lapray’s Jonathan Healy.  Ferguson, managing partner at Beaumont’s The Ferguson Law Firm, advised, “The details, in terms of dates and names of those involved are confidential, but the result is not.  It represents a significant outcome for our clients.”

Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Dishon represented two sets of plaintiffs: the first was a 62-year-old father of an adult child who died in the crash.  He received $6.75 million.  The others were a husband and wife: the wife injured her cervical spine and required a spinal fusion while her husband also sustained spinal injuries but had not required surgery.  The wife lost her ability to work while the husband was forced to continue to work to support the family.  The couple received $13.25 million.

Managing partner Chip Ferguson said, “This settlement will allow our clients to move forward and build something positive from an inexplicably tragic 18-wheeler crash that occurred in late 2018..  We are humbled that we were selected to represent them in such a large and significant case.  We are also proud of the result as it represents, and exceeds, the top end of recoveries for these types of cases.”

Cody Dishon added, “It was an honor to represent these people.  Achieving good results for good people is satisfying.  It took a lot of hard work, but these clients deserved it.  They were the type of people that made you want to get up every morning and go to work for them.”

Ferguson also noted that the case was resolved some 18 months after the crash.  “We remain big believers at The Ferguson Law Firm that you maximize your results when you push your cases forward.  We did that here.  There were very good lawyers on the other side.  They pushed back.  Ultimately, we succeeded, and our clients obtained the best result possible.”

Another factor was that the case settled during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Ferguson said, “That added to the degree of difficulty and the fact that such a marvelous result was obtained is a testament our staff.  Both my and Cody’s staff worked long hours, weekends and (during the pandemic) remotely at home to be get result for these people.  Without them, these results don’t happen.  It was truly a team effort.”

The Ferguson Law Firm maintains their principal office in Beaumont, Texas where it continues the mission of providing the best result for every client, every time.