Ferguson Law recovers $1.5M for Lumberton man injured in car crash

Chris Luckey was rear-ended on May 12, 2017 in Vidor, Texas while returning to his job after lunch. The striking vehicle was driven by a 21-year old Deer Park resident who was working as a commercial driver for Clean Portables.

The case, Christopher Luckey, et tux. vs. Daniel Roman Rodriguez Martinez, et al, was specially set in Orange County for Aug. 27 when it settled.

Luckey and his wife were represented by Paul ‘Chip’ Ferguson, managing partner for Beaumont’s The Ferguson Law Firm, representing yet another in a long string of substantial recoveries for the firm and their clients, a press release states.

“We are very pleased with the outcome for the Luckey family,” Ferguson said. “They are great people and a great family. Chris had a very tough go of it but, through hard work and determination, made a very good recovery.”

Luckey injured his upper back and shoulder in the crash, necessitating neck surgery some four months post-accident, leaving him with diminished range of motion and impacted his ability to perform his work.

The defendants contended, due to the lack of any significant property damage, Luckey could not have suffered such significant injuries. They further contended that, even if injured, he had returned to the work force, earning a larger salary than he had before the crash.

“It never fails to amaze me the lengths a defendant will go to deprive a victim of his or her just compensation,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson rebutted the defendants’ claims of very little visible property damage by demonstrating the force from the impact had been absorbed by the truck’s trailer hitch, attached to the frame.

“That extra step provided proof that this impact was of sufficient magnitude to cause such injuries,” he added. “This makes the difference between an average recovery and a substantial recovery.  This family deserved, and got, a substantial one. We are proud to have been a part of that.”

As far as Luckey’s return to work, Ferguson said, “He is back to work today but it is his future that is worrisome.

“We had him evaluated by a vocational rehabilitation expert to explain that. Chris is a young man with a wife and two young children. The impact of his injury over his entire life was critically important.”

The recovery was exceptional for Orange County, the release states.

“This is a very prominent result for Orange County,” Ferguson said. “We track verdicts and settlements and I believe, as do others, that this represents an outstanding result for our clients. This case was ready for trial approximately one year from the time we were hired.

“We created pressure on the other side by having our case ‘trial ready’ and not backing down.  That is how you maximize your clients’ recoveries. Mr. Luckey’s case again proves that point.”

According to the press release, The Ferguson Law Firm, LLP continues its representation of those injured or harmed by others. It operates with a philosophy of “client first”, a philosophy that has allowed them continued success. They had two of the country’s largest verdicts in 2017 and, recently, were recognized for having Texas’ top verdict in a workplace safety case. These results follow other ground-breaking and record-setting recoveries.  The law firm maintains its offices in Beaumont, Texas.