Partners, Cody A. Dishon and Jane S. Leger of the Ferguson Law Firm, recently won a life-changing, 7-figure settlement for a worker involved in a workplace industrial accident.  The injured client was immediately life-flighted to a hospital for burns to his body.  The case took years to litigate, and the firm fought several companies who were jointly responsible for causing this tragic incident.

Mr. Dishon stated, “I visited this family twice before they chose to hire us.  They did not want to hire a lawyer but were forced to do so when the companies responsible refused to do the right thing.  Over the course of the case, we earned the trust of our client and his family.  They are extremely happy with the settlement.  Our client is ready to move on with his life and continue to be a productive member of society.”  The precise nature of the settlement is confidential but is, as Mr. Dishon noted, a seven-figure recovery.

Because of the incident in question, our client could no longer work in a plant and had to seek employment opportunities elsewhere.  The company tried downplaying his injuries while also blaming him for causing the flash fire.  “All too often, the companies and corporations responsible try to point the finger of blame at the injured victim,” Jane Leger stated.  “We refuse to accept such an irresponsible position and did not do it here.”

Mr. Dishon and Mrs. Leger served as counsel for the client.  Both added that Javier Cabanillas and Jessica Burkett contributed greatly to this result.  “Both Javier and Jessica were essential to our making such an outstanding recovery for this gentleman.  Their contributions were great,” Mr. Dishon added.

The Ferguson Law Firm continues to be nationally recognized for record-breaking recoveries made on behalf of workers involved in major workplace accidents.

The Ferguson Law Firm will always fight for victims of workplace negligence.  Our lawyers have obtained verdicts and settlements that remain among the top verdicts and settlements obtained, both in Texas and across the country.  The law firm continues to maintain its primary office in Beaumont, Texas.