The Ferguson Law Firm has obtained a $1.75 million settlement on behalf of an Orange County family when a dump truck driver was killed when he fell from the cab of his own truck.  Ferguson Law managing partner Paul ‘Chip’ Ferguson and attorney Javier Cabanillas represented the family.

The victim was attempting to enter a secure facility that required him to “punch” an entrance pad.  To do so, he opened his door and bent down.  This caused the gentleman to fall beneath his truck which remained in gear and run over him.  He was declared dead at the scene.  “We believed the facility could have, and should have, had a better system to monitor entrance,” Ferguson said.  “This method, in our view, was potentially unsafe and, here, it was fatal.  Nevertheless, it was a very difficult set of facts.”  The defendants denied responsibility until the end.  “Until they were looking down the barrel of a trial date, the defendants did not seem to take us seriously.  Once the trial date loomed near, that changed” Ferguson added.  The case settled some two weeks before trial.  The settlement, by agreement, is confidential as to the names of those involved.

The victim was survived by his widow and one child.  Ferguson noted, “This was a devastating loss for this family.  I am very pleased we were able to secure a substantial recovery for them given the difficult nature of this case.  Most importantly, the clients were very grateful and pleased with the work we did for them.”

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