The Ferguson Law Firm has settled a product liability case involving the wrongful death of a Southeast Texas resident for $3.5 million.  The lawsuit, pending in Orange County, was handled by firm partners Paul ‘Chip’ Ferguson and Mark Sparks and concluded earlier this month.

“This was an outstanding result under our facts, one of the best that I know of,” Ferguson said.  “The case was vigorously defended by the other side and involved complex and difficult engineering issues.  Mark Sparks did an incredible job dealing with the various engineering issues.  Without that, we do not achieve this result.”  Mr. Sparks added, “We had determined and dedicated clients who were willing to let us fight the good fight here.  It was an honor to represent them.”

The case continues The Ferguson Law Firm’s continued success at achieving top-level results on behalf of their clients.  It follows the law firms recent $20 million settlement of a case involving a tractor-trailer and last year’s $27 million verdict in another tractor-trailer case.

The Ferguson Law Firm remains headquartered in Beaumont, Texas and continues its mission of providing every client the best result possible.