Ferguson Law Firm Secures $1.875 Million Recovery In Kentucky 18-Wheeler Crash

Ferguson Law Firm managing partner Paul ‘Chip’ Ferguson has obtained and completed a $1.875 million settlement on behalf of an 18-year old Kentucky woman who suffered a closed head injury in a June 23, 2013 crash with an 18-wheeler outside of Louisville. Ferguson was asked to lead a litigation team that included multiple Kentucky attorneys, notably Ron Hillerich and Allen Gruner.  The parties involved are confidential.

“This case had more twists and turns than a sack of snakes,” Ferguson said.  “The case moved between multiple courts including state court in Kentucky, federal court in Kentucky, federal court in Indiana and federal court in Ohio before resolving this year.  I was extremely honored that Ron and Allen asked me to be involved.  They are both outstanding lawyers and the opportunity to work with them was one of my greatest privileges as an attorney.  Mr. Hillerich, for example, is more than an outstanding Kentucky attorney.  He also served on Kentucky’s Supreme Court by special appointment.  To be asked by people of this caliber was a thrill.”

It was no simple case.  The case required depositions in places ranging from Kentucky to Texas to South Carolina and North Dakota.  Other depositions were taken in Florida, Ohio and Indiana.  ““From an 18-wheeler that pulled out in front of an unsuspecting young woman, this case became incredibly complex.  We deposed former government employees, police officers, medical doctors, engineers, biomechanical engineers and human factor engineers.  The defendants threw the proverbial kitchen sink at us – they even claimed the fact our client had smoked a cigarette before she left made her less attentive.  That defense disappeared when we proved that the nicotine, if anything, made her more attentive.  They then had a for-hire expert who swore she did not have her seat belt on – until we tracked down the two EMTs who pulled her from the car after removing her properly worn seat belt.”

“The settlement represents the recovery of every available bit of insurance and other funds tied to this 18-wheeler,” Ferguson commented.  “We committed here, like we do in every case, to maximize our client’s recovery.  This young lady deserved every single penny of monies recovered and she earned it by any definition of the word.”

This result adds to a continued string of success for The Ferguson Law Firm and particularly in 18-wheeler and other commercial vehicle accidents.  The law firm continues to work from its home office in Beaumont, Texas, representing victims of corporate malfeasance and wrongdoing.