Ferguson Law $1.25 Million Settlement in 18Wheeler Crash


A Port Arthur woman has received $1.25 million in a settlement for injuries sustained in a tractor-trailer crash in 2020.  She was represented by The Ferguson Law Firm, LLP managing partner, Paul ‘Chip’ Ferguson.  The case was slated for trial in February 2022 but settled the week prior.

The plaintiff, a single forty-one woman, injured her neck in the crash and, according to Ferguson, ultimately required surgery to her spine.  “Our client tried to avoid surgery but could not do so any longer.  Fortunately, the surgery worked, and she made a good recovery.”  The woman was a part-time employee with limited earnings.  “Her inconsistent earnings history caused some difficulties, but we were, with hard work and due diligence, able to demonstrate how her injury affected her entire life, not just her earnings.”  The settlement was, in part, confidential and the parties are not able to reveal the identity of those involved.

“Once again, we are faced with a driver of a commercial motor vehicle that blatantly disregarding all safety practices and caused yet another innocent victim untold grief,” Ferguson added.  “This was a good result for our client.  It certainly represents the high end of value for this case and provides our client with the ability to move forward with her life.  I believe we helped her and, ultimately, that is our calling.”

Having the courts opening back up after the COVID-19 pandemic also helped.  “The key to our success is preparing our cases for trial and having the courts open for those cases to be tried,” Ferguson stated.  “That happened here, and we are very grateful to the court for giving us a trial date and holding it.  That allowed us to keep the pressure on the defendants and maximize the result for our client.”

The Ferguson Law Firm, LLP continues its mission of representing each client with the goal of maximizing results.  The law firm’s principal office remains in Beaumont, Texas.