Two motorcycle victims received a confidential seven figure settlement to resolve their lawsuit against a commercial company for injuries they sustained in a motorcycle wreck.  They were represented by Ferguson Law Firm’s ownership partner, Cody Dishon, and attorneys Timothy Ferguson and Javier Cabanillas

The two plaintiffs were riding together on a motorcycle when they struck a dangerous condition left on the roadway by a company.  After striking the dangerous condition, the plaintiffs lost control of their motorcycle and crashed nearby.

As a result of the incident, both plaintiffs sustained injuries and were ambulanced to a local hospital.  The plaintiffs incurred combined approximately $58,000 in past medical expenses.  

Dishon reported, “The company did not want to take any responsibility here, hiring several experts to contest the issues in the case.  We fought the company in court for years until a confidential settlement was reached before trial.  Our firm takes pride in tough cases like this and will always fight to make our roads safer.”

The settlement was, in part, confidential and the parties are not able to reveal the identity of those involved.  

Ferguson added, “We take pride in our cases and won’t accept anything less than full and fair compensation for our clients.”

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