Beaumont’s Paul ‘Chip’ Ferguson has settled an 18-wheeler crash for $10,000,000. He represented two retired women who both required immediate surgery before recovering.

The lawsuit arose from a morning crash on Interstate 10 in Beaumont, Texas. An 18-wheeler jumped a concrete barrier and entered the oncoming lane of traffic, striking the women’s vehicle. Both were taken to a local hospital, treated, and underwent surgery. Both were then released and required no other surgical care.

Ferguson, managing partner at Beaumont’s The Ferguson Law Firm LLP, said, “The ladies suffered serious injuries and their initial medical bills were significant. Both were retired and, fortunately, did not suffer any loss of income. This case proves, again, the non-economic value of a person’s health. No person should be measured simply by a medical invoice or paycheck. And we made sure these ladies were not. It was a tremendous result.” The case settled shortly before a trial date in Jefferson County district court.

This settlement capped another remarkable streak by Mr. Ferguson. It was his tenth seven-figure or above result over the past six months. Two of those cases, including this one, were eight-figure results. “Yes, we have had good results. That is a tribute to my support staff. It is the best staff I have ever had, and it shows in our results. And always remember that the results represent one thing: a client who trusted us to take care of them. I like to think we do that.”

The Ferguson Law Firm LLP continues its mission of getting the best results possible one client at a time. The law firm’s primary office remains in Beaumont, Texas.