Chip Ferguson Recovers Confidential 7-Figure Settlement In Interstate 10 Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash

Managing partner Paul ‘Chip’ Ferguson has concluded a lawsuit for the adult children whose parents were killed in a collision with an 18-wheeler on Interstate 10. The settlement was, according to Ferguson, for a 7-figure amount but specifics are confidential.

In 2017, a tractor-trailer pulling heaving equipment jumped the concrete barrier dividing east- and west-bound traffic on Interstate 10 near Vidor, Texas. The tractor-trailer struck an oncoming vehicle being driven by a 68-year old woman. Her husband was the only passenger. Both died at the scene.

“This was a tragic event, one that completely devastated this family. The Ferguson Law Firm was honored that they reached out to us for answers and, ultimately, for justice,” Ferguson said. The case had been hard-fought but, ultimately, Ferguson prevailed. “We got every bit of possible insurance money the 18-wheeler had.” This continues the law firm’s commitment to achieving the best possible results for their clients.