Attorney Tim Ferguson from the Ferguson Law Firm explains what to do after you’ve been in an accident.

What I typically hear from people who were in these serious car wrecks is the first thing they think is: Am I okay? Am I safe? Am I intact? Any broken bones? Am I bleeding, et cetera.

Then of course, the second thing you think is: The passengers in my vehicle – are they okay? You know, whoever’s in my front seat, back seat. Are they, are they able to respond to what I’m saying? Are they bleeding? Are they suffering some sort of a fracture or broken bone? Are they able to comprehend what I’m saying?

And then of course, the other vehicle or vehicles involved: make sure that they’re okay. Same thing, can they respond? Are they, you know, severely hurt, seriously hurt, fractures, blood, et cetera. And then, you know, cause I always say, you know, safety’s number one, I think we all can agree to that.

And then second is: call the cops, call the police. Because from a, and I’ve seen this, even from a small little fender bender, all the way up to, you know, three or four totalled vehicles, it’s always best, as I said earlier, to have a neutral set of eyes on it, right, and to come out and make some sort of initial determination of liability or fault. Because that’s an important thing.

Not only, you know, for health and safety reasons, but also for a lawsuit or an insurance claim, because – believe me – the insurance companies look at those things and then of course we do as well. You know, but, frankly, something that gets lost in a lot of people who are in those events, right, because it’s a lot of adrenaline, there’s a lot of things going through your mind.

But what gets lost a lot in those things are the things that I’ve said: safety, make sure you’re okay. Make sure the other person’s okay. Make sure the proper authorities are called. And then of course, make sure that your insurance company knows about it, right? Make a claim with your insurance company and the “person who hits you”’s insurance company.

And then if that doesn’t work, work out with the insurance company, call a lawyer, because your first call matters and, of course, here at the Ferguson firm, we believe that you should be calling us.