Ferguson Law Firm Attorney Mark Sparks explains why he accepts pro bono cases for clients that can’t afford an attorney.

I think that the Mickey Mahaffey pro bono award is probably my favorite award, because it means a lot to me to do free work for people who can’t afford lawyers who are going through a really difficult time, be it family law, or child custody issues, or whatever the issue.

The idea that I can share with them my time and the skill that I’ve been grateful to learn over these years, to try to get them out of that rough patch and bring them to a place in their life where they’re at peace with whatever the issue was, means a great deal to me.

And frankly, it’s what we here at the Ferguson firm do for people all throughout this County and the state of Texas – and frankly, some out of state – is we find them in a position in their lives where they’re not where they need to be. They’re not where they should be. They’re not where they want to be. And they’re there because of a legal problem.

And we here at the Ferguson firm and myself are fortunate enough to have the skill, to help them get out of that spot and get back to where they belong in life and get back to where they started.

The idea that that’s something that I can bring to people that needed help at a time, that they couldn’t afford the help, that they didn’t think anyone would be there for them, that I can get them through a rough patch in their life, that I had this skill that I could share with them – obviously at no cost – to help them out of that rough patch is something that stays with me forever. I mean, it’s what motivates me to be a lawyer.