Ferguson Law Firm Attorney Mark Sparks explains how our law firm keeps insurance companies honest.

In litigation, certainly our primary duty is to the client. And unfortunately, the most we can do is shift money from side to side. And so we recognize, and I recognize that that’s something that’s key to successful litigation.

But I also have drank the Kool-Aid on the fact that litigation is conduct-changing as well. And it sets a tone for companies and insurance companies and businesses on how to behave and the consequences of doing things or not doing things. And so, you know, cases that I’ve handled, I’ve seen later changes that are made as a result of litigation.

And that certainly feels good, but I can tell you, and I’m just going to be as blunt and honest as I can with you about this: part of my passion is how much I hate insurance companies. They’re just terrible. They do nothing good, but beat down and abuse policy holders and injured victims and force them to come hire lawyers.

So many cases. So many cases could probably be resolved without even coming to get a lawyer if the insurance adjusters would just listen to my clients and believe them and accept the evidence that they’re sending to them. But knowing, knowing that these people don’t have a lawyer, they try to take advantage of them.