Ferguson Law Firm Attorney Mark Sparks explains the importance of a trial attorney.

No trial’s an easy trial. I’m starting one on Monday. And what the lawyers don’t, I mean, what the clients don’t see is that we work – I’ll be working here this weekend – and we work around the clock when we’re near trial. And frankly, we probably don’t eat as much as we should when we’re in trial.

To get to trial is not… it’s not an easy task. The fortunate thing for all of us is we live in a good County with fair judges that will see to it that we get to a trial.

But you can’t get there, frankly, without a good lawyer who knows how to file the correct motions and negotiate the path of experts and litigation to get the client to trial in front of a 12 juries and against an insurance carrier, typically that knows which lawyers are going to settle the cases and pay low dollar, and then knows the lawyers that are going to go to trial and pay top dollar.

And we here the Ferguson firm, including myself, are trial lawyers. We pride ourselves on that.