The Ferguson Law Firm has the resources and expertise to handle any case no matter what it requires. Partner Larry C. Hunter explains how we do that.

I think the past experience of the law firm as a whole gives us an advantage because of our contacts with experts, with our ability to understand cases from a medical, as well as a physical standpoint, or possibly from a mechanical standpoint, depending on what the case requires.

So sure, it’s those contacts, those abilities to find experts, in addition to the financial background of the case and the financial abilities of this firm to develop a case, I think it gives us a strong advantage. But that’s the strength of this law firm.

We have so many attorneys in this law firm with vast experience, primarily in personal injury, but we also have attorneys with experience in different areas. So sometimes you can brainstorm with another lawyer and get ideas that come from a different segment of the law that you can make applicable to a personal injury case in order to maximize the recovery for your client.

So, obviously, you want to practice in a law firm where you have that ability. If you’re going to have a law firm, that’s the purpose of the law firm is collaborative thinking, collaborative discussions among lawyers with good experiences in the past that you can draw from.

So sure, that’s one of the reasons I’m in this law firm. I enjoy practicing with the other lawyers in this law firm that allow us to give each other that opportunity: to try to strategize to maximize the return for our clients.