The Ferguson Law Firm expert team of paralegals and attorneys are ready to take on any product liability case. Attorney Larry C. Hunter explains how we do that.

Yeah, I get a lot of enjoyment in product cases. I have a strong – I like to call it – mechanical aptitude. And if someone brings into the office and we look at it, I have an ability to start seeing the weaknesses and seeing the strengths in that portion of the case.

Sometimes though, when you get your experts – like we talked about earlier in Bob – you learn that there might be another reason for the failure of the product or for the cause of the accident. So it’s always ever changing.

It’s like, why do you come to work? It’s: every day’s a new day. You learn every day in what we’re doing. And that part of it’s exciting to me to try to help people through not only my experience but then subjecting what my thoughts are to an expert that may confirm or show me a different way.

I had a case years ago before I came to this law firm, it was a product case, and it involved an electric cart in an industrial setting. And I knew there was something wrong with the cart. I couldn’t figure it out.

My dad was an electrician. I showed him the schematic and he had it figured out in about 30 minutes; there was a missing solenoid that was supposed to break the current on a particular wiring harness that would have kept this accident from happening.

So, you find your experts wherever you look. But that was a case that was fun to go try. Because my dad put me on the right path, I found a good expert and we were trying it in federal court. And it was a fun experience that I still attribute back to what my dad was able to help me find from the very inception of that case.