The Ferguson Law Firm evaluates our clients daily living needs and their employment needs related to their injury case. Attorney Larry C. Hunter explains what that means…

You have to look at every case on its own facts. You have to determine what would best, what would be the best evidence to present, to characterize what that injury has done to your client. So we don’t look at cases and say, “Well, this case generated so much in medical expenses. Therefore the value of this case is X.”

You’ve got to look at: what did that injury do to the client? What, how did that injury affect their daily living? How did that injury affect their ability to earn income? How did that injury cause them the mental anguish that they’re dealing with, trying to figure out how to deal with the fact that they can no longer do certain things that they either need to do for their daily living needs or for their employment needs.

So, yeah, you’ve got to look at each case individually to determine how do you present the best evidence possible to the jury so that they can make an informed decision when they’re trying to place a dollar value on that damage to your client.