The Ferguson Law Firm not only works for our clients, but we also work for all workers in an industry. We ensure safety inspectors are responsible for poor inspections that cause people to get hurt.

To me, the most important part of what we do is the case that never comes to the door. Because a company that’s paid to ensure the safety of others – once we’ve held them accountable when they’ve failed and people have been hurt – the next time they go in to do an inspection, they’re going to do it right and people are going to be safe.

And that makes me feel good to know that industries are safer. Schools are safer. Our roadways are safer because of what we do. When we hold an inspection company responsible for doing a poor safety inspection that results in people getting hurt, word gets out in the industry that if you’re going to take safety on as being your job, and you’re going to get paid to do a safety inspection, you better do it right. Because if you don’t and somebody gets hurt, our law firm will hold you accountable.

I was taking a deposition one time in an explosion case. It was a dust explosion in a plywood mill, where three people had been killed and other people had been burned. And one of the defendants was the insurance company that had performed the safety inspection. And he sat me down – the witness who was a vice president of the company – afterwards, and actually thanked me for bringing the case and reminding them the importance of their job. And he said that sometimes they, their inspectors, it just becomes like a rubber stamp almost. And that they forget that lives really are at stake if they don’t do their job properly.