At the Ferguson Law Firm our clients are our friends. Attorney Jane Leger talks about some of her clients and how Ferguson Law Firm does whatever we can to help our clients.

I guess what I would say is when somebody comes to me and they’ve been injured in a way that has altered their life, they are no longer able to do the things that they need to do, or the things that they want to do.

I want them to know that in addition to fighting for justice, to right the wrong, to replace the paycheck, to replace the wages or the earning capacity if they’ve lost the ability to earn a living, that I also care about them as a person, and I want to help them get all the care that they can get in terms of emotional support, medical support.

This week, I met with a 23-year-old young lady who had been in a horrific car wreck where her seat belt failed to protect her and her airbags failed to deploy. Her boyfriend who was driving the car was killed and she suffered a brain injury.

That means she’s the age of my kids. And she had no treating neurologist, no counselor helping her deal with the loss of her boyfriend. No emotional support, helping her deal with the fact that she was in an automobile crash that had killed someone she loved.

And, you know, all I could think about was if that was my daughter: what are the resources I would want her to have to help her deal with this situation? And I made a commitment to her that I would be there to make sure that she got all the help she needed to get through this.

I always tell my clients, this is the part I hate the most about my job. It’s that I have to get to know you at a really bad time. And I know you didn’t walk through that front door because you wanted to, or because things were good in your life. You walked in the door because you need help. And my goal is that, when you walk out the door, that your life is back on track – that you feel good about where you’re life is headed.