The Ferguson Law Firm’s grasp exceeds our reach. Our expert legal team has the ability to handle cases from all across the country. Managing Partner Chip Ferguson explains how we do that.

One of the things that happens in our practice is we get called from lawyers from all over the country. Some of it is because we have the expertise that is recognized. There’s word of mouth; there’s other people who have worked with us – or even against us – who will speak kindly of our work.

And because of that, we will get a call from California. We’ll get a call from Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky. And I’ve had the benefit of handling cases in a lot of different States across the country.

They’re always interesting because you’re in a different place. And it’s always something that has made me proud that someone else in another state would pick up the phone and call me and say, you’re the person that these people need for this case. That is, I think, a strong indication that we’re doing something right when we get those kinds of phone calls.

And you know, I’m not the person who gets all the phone calls; some of the other lawyers here: Jane does, Mark does, Cody does. We get calls from people all over the country asking us to step in and use whatever our ability is, whatever our resources are, to help them help their clients.

And that’s kind of what our business is: helping clients. One of the things about handling cases across the country is having the ability to handle cases across the county. And that requires a special type of structure and foundation. We have that.

We have lawyers who are willing to do it, who can do it. We have the other resources necessary that come with travel. You try a case in another part of Texas or in another state – then you’re going to have to be able to move layers, paralegals, staff, office equipment, everything on a mobile basis to that location.

Not only can we do it, we do do it. And we do it well. We are equipped to not just win at home, but to win on the road. And we do that. And we do that often. You do it often, people know you can do it, and that enhances your ability to represent your clients and to get the best possible results for the clients.

But going to all parts – so far, it’s only been the 48 contiguous States – but to do it in all parts across the country requires a special skill and special set of resources. And we’re very proud that we have those things.