A 7-Figure Settlement Secured in a Serious Workplace Industrial Accident

Partners, Cody A. Dishon and Mark Sparks of the Ferguson Law Firm, are proud to announce a substantial recovery for an injured worker involved in a serious workplace accident.  The case was first rejected by another injury law firm and then handled by another lawyer before any involvement from Mr. Dishon and Mr. Sparks.   Mr. Dishon states “Although a very tough case both legally and factually, I believed in our client and the case.  The evidence, in this case, boiled down to a classic he said, she said.  We caught the company in several major lies, establishing the company’s witness statements had no credibility whatsoever. The company not only blamed our client for everything, it downplayed the seriousness of the injuries and never reported the incident to OSHA.”  Mr. Dishon added, “Mark and I made a great team on the case.  We were dealt with a cold case that happened years ago.  His expertise helped us win the case. We are honored to have represented our client and make a difference. Our client will receive the medical care needed for the remainder of his life.”

Industrial accidents occur frequently and impact hard working people every year.  These workers are generally the breadwinners for their family.  It is very important after a major accident to get the medical attention you need and preserve all evidence.  Company and insurance lawyers are usually on-site moments following serious accidents, taking witness statements and gathering evidence.

The Ferguson Law Firm continues to be nationally recognized for record-breaking recoveries made on behalf of workers involved in major workplace accidents. Other recent workplace settlements and verdict include Paul “Chip” Ferguson, managing partner, chemical burn case for $4.5 million dollars and another $2.3 million-dollar recovery in a wrongful death suit for an injured worker at a timber facility.   Earlier this year, Jane Leger of the Ferguson Firm helped land a $2.94 Million-dollar jury verdict for her clients in a Louisiana death case against Chevron Pipeline.   She also secured an $18 Million-dollar jury verdict in a plant explosion, ranking as 2017’s highest workplace verdict.  Additionally, Chip Ferguson and Mr. Dishon recovered a $4.8 Million-dollar settlement in a workplace accident involving the misuse of a crane, ranking as one of the highest workplace recoveries in 2018.

The Ferguson Law Firm will always fight for victims of workplace negligence.  Our lawyers have obtained verdicts and settlements that remain among the top verdicts and settlements obtained, both at the nation and state levels.  The law firm continues to maintain its offices in Beaumont, Texas.

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